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This screen shows the list of TV series that have been recorded, sorted by the date of the most recent episode:

You can switch the list so that it is sorted alphabetically by hitting "99" on your remote:

There are two ways you can view the list of available episodes for a series -- let's use "Desperate Housewives" as an example. You can either use the down arrow button on the remote control to navigate to "Desperate Housewives" and then click "OK', or you can simply hit the number "8". Either method yields a list episodes, sorted chronologically, most recent first:

Notice the line that says "Older episodes" at the bottom of the screen. This indicates there are more recordings of "Desperate Housewives" available. You can get to the list of older episodes by either hitting the "page down" button on the remote or hitting the "down arrow" button when the cursor is on the last episode ("Epiphany"):